North Dakota's favorite son and Hollywood actor is back promoting his home state of North Dakota.

He has signed on with North Dakota Tourism once again to do promotional commercials for the state.  According to Page Six, the North Dakota tourism department confirmed that the star of several Transformers movies is getting paid $175,000 to be the face of the state's tourism campaign.

Duhamel has had a contract with North Dakota since 2013 and has earned more than a million dollars doing so.

This has caused some of the jealous Kevin's and Karen's on social media to lay into the actor.  Saying that he only comes to North Dakota when he gets paid.

Anybody who knows anything about Josh Duhamel knows that is a "crock of $hit"!

For as long as I can remember, Josh Duhamel has been showing up in just about every city in the state.  He's obviously very proud of his North Dakota roots and has never been afraid to say so in every interview I've read or seen on TV.

Last summer I received a text from a friend who said Josh Duhamel was coming to Bismarck to film a new video for North Dakota Tourism.

My friend Kelly Heinert from Mandan, his wife Stephanie, and his son Joey were all part of a group of people who would help Josh film footage for his new North Dakota Tourism video.

They used Heinert's pontoon to spend some time on a sandbar on the Missouri River near town.  Doing exactly what most North Dakotans do in the sand.  Fishing, drinking, shooting off fireworks, and wrapping up the evening with a bonfire. Some of that footage made it into the video I'm about to show you.

I'm sure it won't be long and you will be seeing portions of this video cut into 30 and 60-second commercials on TV.

My buddy said Josh and his crew were great people to hang out with and there's no doubt that Josh will always be a North Dakota boy.

I'm sure the haters are still going to hate, but I hate to break it to you, Josh Duhamel isn't going anywhere. #northdakotaproud

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