We love our puppies in North Dakota. When I got my furry friends, the hardest thing for me was trying to figure out what to name them.

If you like to go with the flow, or the opposite, like to pick something unique, you might want to check out the most popular dog names in North Dakota for inspiration.


Most Popular

US News put together several list that show the most popular dog names in each state, and overall in the country.

If you're curious, the most popular dog name in the United States for 2023 is Bella. --- Does this have anything to do with the Twilight movies? Hard to say.



North Dakota 

5. Bruno

This is a strong name for a dog.

4. Hank (tie)

I named my dog this! 10/10

4. Luna (tie)

Luna Lovegood, anyone?

3. Max (tie)

From The Grinch?! Yesss!

3. Murphy (tie)

2. Daisy

"Do a dollop of Daisy" immediately popped into my head.

1. Charlie

I know too many humans with this name, but okay, it seems like North Dakotans really love it.


Now that we've discussed all of the wonderful names you could choose for your dog, let's talk about where you can get a new furry family member.

There are so many dogs in shelters and rescues, check out the following places to help the animals kin our community.

Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue

Central Dakota Humane Society

Kitty City

Even if you can't adopt right now, all of these places need donations and volunteers.

Thanks for reading!


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