North Dakota is known for many things, so it makes sense that our state has several nicknames.

I'm sure you've heard a few of North Dakota's nicknames, but did you know there are at least eight? I've put together a list; take a look!

1. The Great Central State

I've only just recently heard this one. The reason for the nickname is pretty obvious: North Dakota is the geographical center of North Dakota, so it has been dubbed the "Great Central State."

According to, there is a monument in Rugby, North Dakota because it was once believed the town was the center of the continent.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to the source it was later determined the exact center is 140 miles from Rugby, in "Center." -- You think that town name is a coincidence?

2. 701

The reason behind this nickname is pretty obvious. While most states and cities have several area codes, the entire state of North Dakota has one. Any guesses as to what it is?

North Dakota is actually one of 11 states with only one area code. Alaska, Idaho, and Maine-- to name a few.


3. Flickertail State

Why is North Dakota often referred to as the "Flickertail" state? -- Well, according to, it's because there are so many Richardson ground squirrels in North Dakota. Pretty simple, no?

Google Maps
Google Maps

4. Peace Garden State

This is the official nickname of North Dakota. You will see this phrase everywhere you go in North Dakota because the State Motor Vehicle Department placed the nickname on our license plates.

What Does Peace Garden State Mean?

According to National Geographic, the nickname is a reference to the International Peace Garden that borders North Dakota and Canada.

The Peace Garden represents the 1932 pledge the United States and Canada made to never go to war with one another, according to the source. 

5. Roughrider State

Here's another popular one. According to, this nickname is a reference to when Theodore Roosevelt assembled the US Volunteer Calvary Troop, also known as "Roughriders."

These individuals fought in the Spanish-American War, and many Roughriders came from North Dakota.

6. The 39th State

I'm sure you can guess what this nickname refers to. According to, North Dakota was officially declared a state/added to the Union on December 2nd, 1889.

7. Heaven On Earth

This is the first time I have heard this one. According to, North Dakota is often called "Heaven on Earth" because of its natural beauty.

Look, I love North Dakota, but this one sounds made up. Have you ever heard North Dakota called this?

8. NoDak

This is pretty simple; we're smashing the first few letters of North Dakota together in one word.

That's All

There you have it! Those are all the nicknames I could find, but I'm sure I missed a few.

Thanks for reading!


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