I'll tell you - sure seems like just yesterday we ( some of our radio station employees ) hung out at the old Borrowed Bucks...

...watching March Madness ( College Basketball ) and enjoying Happy Hour - after being open for almost 30 years, Bucks sadly closed its doors in January of 2023..It's been over a year now and I find it hard to believe that it sits lonely and lifeless - I mean if you walk around in the empty parking lot you can probably still hear all the laughs and feel the memories of people having a good time. The signs are off the building, but to all of us, it STILL is Borrowed Bucks - however, I also know, that we all know that eventually, time moves on.

Earlier last month there appeared to be some activity going on...

...could this be the start of some new business checking out the place? Walking around inside figuring out how to change this or to add to that...I mean not long ago another co-worker had said to me "... how cool would it be if we moved all 5 of our radio stations to the old Borrowed Bucks place?" - I've always said that Bismarck/Mandan should embrace new business - but then the "critics" chime in by saying that we don't support the ones we already have here.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

...So do I have your curiosity going?

OR did you just drive on by without giving it a second thought? I haven't even asked what you would like to replace all those memories of Bucks. Maybe it will be something special - only time will tell.

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