I sit out on my second-floor balcony here in Bismarck almost every night, and at about the same time too - I watch the same neighbors walk their dogs, the SAME ones that are led outside in the bitter cold to do their business. I saw this article and I immediately thought of them - When you retire to bed for the night, does "Man's (OR Woman's) Best Friend" join you? Is there a designated spot on the bed for your pooch to stretch out and grab some Z's? The situation can be RUFF sometimes, especially if there is another human alongside.

Is it bad to let your dog sleep with you?

According to Inverse.com dog owners and experts have weighed in on this topic. You'll find some interesting statistics provided that state the four-legged owners DO sleep better - the security of having their pet with them - plus this point I never thought of, unlike cats (where they sleep all day and then throw a wild party at night), dogs tend to be more like us, they actually SLEEP at night. Take your dog to the river all day long, of course, they are going to be POOPED ( and hopefully out of poop )

Some may GROWL that dogs are too awkward to sleep with

One complaint was quite easy to relate to ...

"Our dog ruins my sleep. Due to her size, it forces my partner to use more of the bed, which in turn ends up with me having knees in my back or feet pushing mine off the bed"

The benefits of sleeping with your dog

Inverse.com mentions many times that having your pet, literally by your side when you are in bed is a big plus for your mental health - especially during stressful times.  I  am a cat person, I have two of them - they sleep anywhere they want - one of their favorite things to do is watch me wake up, while they are hacking up a furball on my other pillow.

To sum it all up

Whether you need your dog or dogs as an emotional support animal or not, you will find out in time the best sleeping arrangements for everyone. I'm sure you know by now to stand firm - NO BREAKFAST IN BED! 

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