One thing is sure, you can definitely distinguish those who have been in North Dakota for a while

Most of us who live here in Bismarck and Mandan are aware of construction season. WE try and keep calm when the orange cones start popping up everywhere - if the transplants to our State even question why so much road work goes on during this time of the season, they haven't spent much time in the winter -  Mother Nature makes it nearly impossible.

You blink an eye and before you know it everywhere you turn you run into signs, detours, and annoyed people

Sure seemed like yesterday I left work here in Mandan, tried taking the on-ramp to 94 East and it was closed - to me, it all slowly spread from there, and from that moment on I knew that we would see much more than that. A not-so-convenient time to figure out different routes home. So with that, prepare yourself for this:

according to

Century Ave Road Construction from 4th St to Tyler Parkway

Starting Monday, July 8, 2024, road construction will begin on Century Avenue from 4th Street to Tyler Parkway. Additional work areas include Tyler Parkway from I-94 to Pinto Place and Burnt Boat Drive from Grandview Lane to Clydesdale Drive. The first area that crews plan to work on is Century Avenue near 4th Street.

Work will consist of repairing or replacing: the concrete roadway, curb and gutter, pedestrian curb ramps, and sidewalks. Work is expected to last three months, weather permitting. The number of mainline lanes will be reduced from two to one, and some side streets will need to be closed during certain stages of construction.

We're not even halfway through summer yet...:(


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