A key character won't make it to the end of this weekend's Yellowstone episodes. Ep. 5 and Ep. 6 are pivotal moments for Season 2 and this franchise.

No spoilers here, but we will warn you that Ep. 6 in particular is grisly. Unexpected alliances form and two cowboys leave the ranch under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Jimmy (Jefferson White) continues to do anything and everything to earn a dollar. You could say this is a transformative season for him, too.

The episode opens with the Dutton family discussing fallout from the young man's death in Ep. 4. The new Attorney General is on their side, but something keeps pulling Jamie away from the conversation.

Two flashback sequences reveal the root of old relationships. Viewers learn more about Beth and Rip's origin story and find out why Jamie has long had reason to resent his father, John Dutton. There's really too much to talk about without giving details away but the Dutton Rules podcast team will recap it all come Monday (Nov. 20). Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you podcast or watch on YouTube.

Next week's podcast will also recap Part 4 of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Emerson Miller for Paramount Network
Emerson Miller for Paramount Network

When Is Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 5 and 6 on TV?

Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 5 — "Touching Your Enemy" — and Ep. 6 — "Blood the Boy" — will air Sunday (Nov. 19) on CBS after 60 Minutes (approximately 8PM ET). The full second season is promised for network television in Fall 2023.

On Nov. 2, fans learned that the final installment of Yellowstone will air in November 2024.

PICTURES: Look Inside 'Yellowstone' Season 2, Episode 5 and 6

Yellowstone will continue airing its second season on CBS on Sunday (Nov. 19), and pictures released in advance hint at the action in Episode 5, "Touching Your Enemy," and Episode 6, "Blood the Boy."

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