The next time you grab a book of stamps or head to the post office to send something off, expect to pay more. The United States Postal Service announced their postage rates are increasing for the second time this year and changes are expected to go into effect on Sunday, July 14.

People Are Not Happy With the Increase in Stamp Prices

"Twice in one year and it's only July? I'm sorry, that's ridiculous," one person writes on social media.

"If [their] service improved it would be worth it but they have failed to earn it," another types.

"USPS bleeds taxpayer dollars," someone chimes in.

"[Two] times in one year," a person responds. "Postal service would go broke if it was a private business."

What Does the USPS Postage Rate Increase Mean?

Beginning Sunday, July 14, the price of a Forever stamp in the United States will increase to 73 cents — that's five cents more than its previous 68-cent price tag. In January 2024, the USPS raised the price from 66 cents to 68 cents. The rate of stamps has steadily increased since 2007 when the cost was just 41 cents.

USPS says other postage rates will be affected, too.

  • Metered letters will now cost 69 cents — up from 64 cents
  • Domestic postcard rates will increase three cents to 56 cents
  • International postcard and letter rates will cost $1.65, which is a 10-cent increase
  • Additional ounces now cost customers 28 cents, as opposed to 24 cents

Overall, the prices of using conventional mail is increasing by 7.8 percent. The USPS says this change is necessary in order to "achieve the financial stability sought by the organization's Delivering for America 10-year plan."

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