We've all heard the stories. Some farmer is checking on his livestock late at night, a couple's car breaks down on a deserted highway, a pilot spots something unusual while in flight. Next thing they know, as these stories go, a strange glowing orb appears in the sky! Aliens!

While most of us believe these are just stories from movies — and let's say... imaginative minds— there are plenty out there who do believe in aliens and UFOs. Enough so that July 2  is celebrated as World UFO Day.

Surveys from Chapman University indicate the public's belief in intelligent alien life could be on the rise. In 2016, its annual American Fears survey indicated 27 percent of Americans believe aliens had visited Earth at some point in Earth's ancient history. By 2018 that number had jumped to 41.4 percent.

In spirit with the day, the people over at Satellite Internet put together a list that ranked each state in the U.S.  in terms of reported sightings per capita. The site used data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the U.S. Census to compile its rankings.

So where does North Dakota shake out in these rankings?

Turns out our state is full of non-believers, or at least we don't get many visits. North Dakota ranked dead last in total reported sightings and was ranked 40th in sightings per capita with just 27.89 reported signings per 100,000 people.

This is in stark contrast with our neighbors to the west. Montana ranked second behind only Washington state — which should be noted is home to National UFO Reporting Center — in terms of reports per capita. Montana's number stands at 77.47 sightings per 100,000 people.

However, we're not alone in out skepticism. While northern states (Washington, Montana, Vermont, Alaska, Maine, Oregon, and New Hampshire) make up the top seven states, southern states (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas) make up the bottom five states.

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