There was a recent nationwide study finding each state's favorite hot sauce.

No surprise in North Dakota.  It's a hot sauce that I can literally drink.  I'm not kidding.  It's awesome on tacos, chips, burritos, french fries, burgers, you name it.

Where I come from, my hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota, this hot sauce is available in just about every convenience store in town.  Unfortunately, the only places you can buy this hot sauce in Bismarck are grocery stores.  I'm thankful for at least that, but it sure would be more convenient to be able to purchase this delicious plastic bowl of hot sauce goodness in places other than Walmart, Dan's, or Cash Wise Foods.

You guessed it, I'm talking about Village Hot Sauce or Salsa as some people call it.

It's available in mild or hot.  Which by the way, even the hot version isn't all that hot.  It's made in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and is becoming very popular.  So popular, that in places like Minneapolis St. Paul has begun carrying the product.   They had so many requests from North Dakota people who had moved down to the Twin Cities, some grocery stores started carrying it like Cub Foods or even Target.

Rick Rider

According to a Newsnation poll, Villiage Hot Sauce is indeed North Dakota's favorite hot sauce.  South Dakota's favorite is "Burman's", Minnesota's is "Franks RedHot" and Montana's is "Cholula."

Rick Rider

I recently asked the fine folks at Cenex in Mandan if they would look into carrying Villiage Hot Sauce. 

I told them they literally wouldn't be able to keep it in stock. Mike the manager said he's looking into finding it.  I hope he does.  In the meantime, join me in asking the C-Stores around Bismarck Mandan into selling Villiage Hot Sauce.  Let's make this happen for the sake of our taste buds.



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