I had a stretch in December where I was sick for at least a week and a cough that seemed to hang on for weeks.  I had the chills, shortness of breath, fever (low grade) body aches, sore throat and a lot of congestion in the chest.  The illness ran through my family, (actually my son probably gave it to me) and my son's Bismarck Demon hockey team was hit hard too.

I know what you're thinking, that sounds like the flu and it very well could've been.  However, according to an article in USA Today, experts say it is plausible that coronavirus could've been circulating in the United States as early as December.  More testing and research is needed.

So, is there a test or way that they can determine if you previously had COVID-19?  According to an article in Business Insider "new antibody tests can tell you whether you had the coronavirus."

Another possible misconception is that once you get the coronavirus, you can't get it again.  The answer to that according to the article in Business Insider is that scientists aren't sure if you can get reinfected.  Viruses mutate and sometimes several times over.  I myself, wouldn't bet on it.


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