Back in September of 2019 on my personal facebook page, I was raving about a new song, or actually it was a video I watched on youtube.  It was Ingrid Andress "More Hearts Than Mine".  It really pulled at my emotional heart strings. (I know, turn in my man-card)  I shared the video and predicted it would be a HUGE hit!  Some of my so called friends, including co-workers (cough cough) Steve Bakken ridiculed me, "Saying it was a lousy song" and other things I can't put in print.  Not long after that we started playing the song on US 103-3 here in Bismarck.

Well, the joke is on them as Ingrid Andress went to #1 on the mediabase country chart last week.  Not to shabby, a debut single from a female artist that goes right to #1.  It should happen more, but it hasn't.  There's been much talk over the last several years how female country singers haven't received the airplay they deserve on country radio.

Ingrid Andress has become a big part of turning that scenario around.  In fact, she made history in country music with fellow female country artist Gabby Barrett.  Gabby, a former American Idol contestant also went to #1 recently with "I Hope".  Gabby's number one hit was replace by Ingrid Andress.  So just how common is it for the debut single from two females country singers to reach number one in back to back weeks?  Well, according to an article in Variety, it's NEVER happened before.  Think about that for a second.  Truly, you heard music history on US 103-3!

The video for the song is just as good.  I'm looking forward to hearing a lot more from Ingrid Andress in the future and keep listening to US 103-3!



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