I Like Turtles!  I just don't like them when they are in the middle of the road.

My wife and I were walking our dogs on Sunday morning and we hadn't even gone half way when we came across a big, bad Snapping Turtle.  No big deal, but he was in the middle of South Washington.  As you can see, he wasn't a small turtle.

Any idea what kind of damage a turtle can do to your car?  I think many of us has seen the picture of the box turtle that was in the road that was hurled at another vehicles windshield and was stuck there.

We all know what hitting a deer can do to your vehicle.  Unfortunately, I know first hand myself, having been hit by three deer in three months, two of them within six hours!  Yes, I said hit by.  They all ran into me.  The question is, do you know what kind of damage other critters can cause?

I've seen cars totaled after colliding with turkeys.  Raccoons and skunks can do some damage, although the latter tends to be more about the smell than the damage they can inflict.  Pheasants can take out your grill and I had a friend who had a Mallard take out his grill and dent his hood.  Two weeks after he got it fixed, he had another one crease the roof of his car.

So back to our turtle, I didn't want to see anyone wreck their vehicle.  My wife held our dogs while I proceeded to direct traffic until the Bismarck Police Department showed up and escorted the turtle off of the road.  While most people slowed down and were observant, there were a few that would have been calling their insurance agent.

The moral of the story;  pay attention when you're driving, because any and all critters can cause a lot of damage...and I Like Turtles!


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