Hard to believe it, but it's been a year now since COVID-19 reared its ugly head here in North Dakota.  Safe to say, dating was a LOT more complicated in 2020.  I wouldn't know, my Mom doesn't let me date yet.  :)  Zoom dates became a thing.  Bars and restaurants closing early or closed all together, no movie theaters.  Yeah, a whole lot more complicated.  Where do you meet people under these coronavirus circumstances?

According to an article on Highspeed Internet.com, more people turned to internet dating & dating apps in 2020 than ever before.  As you probably know, when you involve the internet, you stir up creeps.  So how safe is online dating and dating apps in North Dakota anyway?

Looks like North Dakota "nice" applies to online dating as well.  According to the article North Dakota is the 8th safest state in the United States for internet dating.  Most of the safest states are in our neck of the woods, with a couple of surprises.  South Dakota comes in at #6, Minnesota #9 and Nebraska came in at #10.  West Virginia came in at #1.  I don't know why, but that surprises me.  Kentucky came in at #5 and the far NE states of Maine at #2, followed by Vermont at #3 and New Hampshire #4.

What about the most "dangerous" states for online dating?  I NEVER would've got the number one answer, Alaska???  I've been to Alaska several times and the people are so Midwest like.  Nevada came in at #2, followed by Maryland at #3, Ohio #4 and Colorado #5.  I would've picked California as the most dangerous state and it did come in at #6.

So if you're single in North Dakota and looking for female or male companionship, go ahead and set up that Tinder profile.  Overall, you're pretty safe.


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