Have you ever thought much about gang violence living in North Dakota?

I know I haven't.  I still feel safe walking down just about any street at night here in Bismarck Mandan or any city in our state for that matter.  I mean I've seen the train cars rolling across our state with the gang graffiti before, but that all comes from out of state right?  Wrong.  Gangs are present in our state, maybe even more than most of us know.

Try at least 30 different gangs in the Peace Garden State


According to an article on Project Safe Neighborhoods, the group identified the presence of at least 30 gangs in the state of North Dakota.  Mind blown.  30?  That is crazy, including Native American gangs, street gangs, prison gangs, motorcycle gangs, and even youth gangs all in the state of North Dakota.

Most of this gang activity is located in our 4 biggest cities in North Dakota (Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Bismarck).

However, gangs have been identified in our smaller communities, and on tribal lands too.  North Dakota law enforcement officials focus aggressively on prosecuting crimes committed by gang members.  This includes gun, drug, and violent crimes, and hope that doing this, will reduce the current gang situation and prevent future gang growth over time.

What are the names of some of these gangs now in North Dakota?

According to World Population Review, they include "Boyz", "North Side Gangster Disciples", "The North Side Family", and "The Rapid City Journal."  Again, just a few of the names of 30 gangs present in North Dakota.

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