I come from a military family, both my Father and my Grand Father served.  There's nothing that gives you that hole in your stomach feeling more than seeing the faces of the fallen.  Paying the ultimate price for our country.  My Father always reminded me that "freedom isn't free!"

These last few weeks, and what has transpired in Afghanistan has caused many different emotions for Americans.  I'm not going to get into finger pointing or politics, but you can't help but feel that a lot has gone wrong.

As I type this, special forces are rescuing Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan, according to NBC San Diego.  "Stuff" is going on that will probably be made into movies someday.

In the meantime, I wanted to honor 7 North Dakotans who served our country and paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan.  Three of these brave soldiers hail from Bismarck.  This comes courtesy of the North Dakota Department of Foreign Affairs.

Honoring 7 North Dakotans who paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan



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