What were you doing on this date back in 1936?  That's right, June 6th 1936.  That's when Steele, ND a mere 40 plus miles from Bismarck recorded the warmest temperature ever recorded in North Dakota.  The mercury that day reached 121 degrees.  Offdah, that's a warm one.  121 degrees and I'm just guessing not to many people had central air.  Bismarck by the way topped off that day at 114.  That is still our all time current record as well.

The people during that time according to my Grand Pa referred to it as the "dirty thirties."  It was so dry that the only place you could grow crops was in the slough bottoms.  Can you imagine?  No air conditioning, the bugs, no swimming pools and what a struggle it must of been to even find water.  When the wind blew during the day it often looked like "night" because of all the dirt in the air covering up the sun.  These are all stories I remember hearing from my Grand Pa and the difficulties during this time in history.  Kind of puts the whole toilet paper shortage into perspective doesn't it?

Now, we complain when it gets into the mid 90's and we get to go home to our air conditioners.  I personally can't remember the last time I spent some time outside in a 100 degree day, let alone 121 degrees.  Tell me again about global warming?  Okay, I won't stir up that hornet's nest, but we haven't come close to that temperature in a very long time in North Dakota.  One hundred degree days are rare and one hundred and teens are unheard of right?  Currently we sit at a perfect 83 degrees in Bismarck at the time of this article.  121 degrees...records are made to be broken, but I hope I never see or feel that.



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