This is a follow up article to a story I wrote yesterday.  "Is it possible you already had the coronavirus in North Dakota?"  I mentioned how I was sick in both December and January for that matter.  My son became ill, his Bismarck Demon hockey team had a bug going through the locker room in a big way.  Several of my co-workers also became ill during those time frames.

However, something was brought to my attention on my personal facebook page.  A friend asking me if I had lost my sense of taste or smell?  Well, I didn't have to think very long.  I remember clear as day, that I went through that.

According to an article on NBC Channel 7 San Diego, patients with loss of smell and taste are 10 times more likely to have had the coronavirus (COVID-19).  This was according to research by UCSD Health department.

I remember during that period I could barely taste or smell anything.  I have two yellow labs that can clear the room with their gas.  I remember one time my son laughing and asking "Don't you smell that?"  Well, I couldn't.  It was so weird.  I couldn't taste my favorite foods or even smell my shampoo.

Does that mean I had the coronavirus?  Certainly not.  I am not a doctor.  However, I did have the top three symptoms.  Fever, fatigue and a cough that lingered for weeks.  And, now I come to find out that loss of taste and smell means it was even more plausible.

How about you?  Can you relate?


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