SAN FRANCISCO — According to WDAY TV-A Grand Forks couple and 3,500 other people remain quarantined on a cruise ship as it sits off the coast of California after one passenger died after contracting the coronavirus.

Kari Kolstoe, who is fighting Stage 4 endocrine cancer, and her husband Paul spend their days and nights in their room on the Grand Princess ship.

"It's surreal," Kari said. "You're kinda like 'What!?'"

Another passenger on a previous Grand Princess cruise had died. Kari said there are 21 people who now have flu-like symptoms.

Can you imagine anything more terrifying?  Passengers have yet to learn when they'll be allowed to leave the ship, which is a concern for Kari.

Kari has stage 4 cancer and is between treatments.  Her treatment is supposed to start on Monday or Tuesday (of next week). Needless to say Kari is a little bit more frightened of that. Besides the fact she's immunosuppressed."

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