Governor Doug Burgum made an executive order on Monday, January 4th lowering North Dakota's statewide risk level for COVID-19 from high risk (Orange) to moderate risk. (Yellow)

The order goes into effect this Friday, January 8th.  This will increase the capacity limits for restaurants, bars and gathering as active cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have decreased in North Dakota.

Bars, restaurants and other food service establishments have been operating at up to 50% of their licensed seated capacity, not to exceed 150 patrons, since November 16th.  The capacity limits were one of several mitigation measure announced on November 13th to slow the spread of COVID-19 as active cases and hospitalizations were peaking.

Under the amended executive order, these establishments will be able to start operating at 65% percent of licensed facility capacity, not to exceed 200 patrons, beginning 8 a.m. on Friday, January 8th.  Seating arrangements and tables must still allow for a least 6 feet of physical distance between individual parties, dance areas must remained closed, service must be provided to seated patrons only.  Masks must continued to be worn by patrons except when eating or drinking.  All managers and employees must also wear masks.

The statewide mask mandate will continue to at least Monday, January 18th.  Officials are still concerned we might see a holiday spike with COVID-19 cases.  They also feared this would happen with the Thanksgiving celebration, but it didn't.  With the vaccine process going forward in the state, have we finally turned the corner?  Let's hope so!  In the meantime, yellow sounds pretty good.  Mimosas anybody?



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