NDSU won the national championship a couple of weeks ago and now has four players that have entered the transfer portal. As a Bison fan, it's surprising that they have had that many kids enter the transfer portal after a season. The NCAA has the transfer portal for players that would like to go play elsewhere and they get a one-time transfer.

The players are Mike Florentine, Cody Lindquist, Bartholomew Ogbu, and Adrian Adams. Mike Florentine is a long snapper and played in all 15 games this past season. Cody Lindquist is NDSU's backup punter, Bartholomew Ogbu is the defensive end, and Adrian Adams is a receiver. I hope that these players get to go where they want and wish them the best in their football careers. The great saying from all NDSU fans and coaches is, "once a Bison always a Bison."

NDSU has a great football program and a great tradition that has been around for decades. I'm sure NDSU will pick players up from the transfer portal to fill spots or add some depth to the team. NDSU prides itself on the next man up. If a player is hurt it's always the next man up. A person will just have to wait and see what happens in this offseason and see where these players that entered the portal are going and if NDSU will be picking any players up. NDSU is a great school and so is the football program.


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