Reducing stress is always a good thing, but flirting at the workplace probably shouldn't be a prescribed method.  What they failed to explain in this survey was, where was the stress relieved.  I absolutely, positively think that this wouldn't reduce any stress at home with your spouse.  Isn't that the place that matters most?  What are your thoughts about our SURVEY OF THE DAY:

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Flirting With Co-Workers Reduces Stress

A new study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, reveals that flirting with co-workers can reduce stress.

Researchers say, "Some flirting is happening, and it seems pretty benign. Even when our study participants disliked the behavior, it still didn't reach the threshold of sexual harassment. It didn't produce higher levels of stress, so it is a very different conceptual space."

What we found is that when flirtation is enjoyed, it can offer some benefits: it makes people feel good about themselves, which can then protect them from stressors in their lives. Zero-tolerance rules can add awkwardness into what are pretty naturally occurring behaviors within established friendships. At the same time, we're not encouraging managers to facilitate this behavior. This is just something that probably organically happens. Managers also should be careful in engaging in flirtation themselves, especially with anyone at a lower level. As soon as there's a power imbalance, you risk entering the domain of what might be perceived as sexual harassment."

In summary, there's a line at the workplace that I don't think you should cross.

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