Hi my name is Rick Rider (Rockin' Rick) and I have a fishing problem.  Whenever I'm not fishing I have a problem!  I'm the new voice on these airwaves and seriously I'm thrilled to be here and I wanted to share some of my recent vacation pictures with you.  My 4th of July got off to a Red, White and Bang with a South Dakota Whopper Catch & Release Walleye.  The funny thing is... We weren't even fishing for Walleyes.  You see we have a cabin in the glacial lakes in North East South Dakota.  Over 40 lakes are within a 10 mile radius of our lake place and most are very good Walleye lakes.  However, my family and I have always been drawn to Smallmouth Bass.  In fact, the South Dakota state Smallmouth record was caught within 20 minutes of our place.

A nice surprise!

Anyway, back to my Walleye story...I was fishing with my son and we were using a technique called "drop shotting", which can and occasionally does catch Walleyes, and BIG ones too.  As I set the hook, I was thinking whopper bass but was pleasantly surprised to see a nice 27-inch Walleye coming up from the green soup.  Took a couple of pictures and let her back to swim another day.

 My son Hunter...Who I should've named "Fisher" wants to be a pro bass fisherman someday.  Smallmouth, White & Largemouth...You name it.  If it's a bass he wants to catch it.  He'll be a sophomore at BHS this fall.  He's also a very good athlete.  Hockey, baseball & football.

 I'm looking forward to sharing our fishing & hunting stories and pictures in my blog, so be sure to stop by a LOT!  Until next time tight lines and keep your radio's locked.