According to KX-News, Kist Livestock in Mandan North Dakota had a fire in the early morning hours of Sunday 9/20/20. According to the story the owner of Kist Livestock is estimating the damages at about $100,000. No one or animals were hurt in the fire. This is sad to see this happen to any business and Kist Livestock has been in Mandan, ND for many years.

Kist Livestock is a livestock auction that has weekly cattle auctions and they have horse auctions a couple times a year. Kist Livestock has seen Mandan, ND change from all the years they have been where they are located at. Kist Livestock runs a lot of cattle through each week and it's great to hear that no cattle or people were hurt.

Kist Livestock is located at 1715 40th Ave SE, Mandan, ND 58554. According to Kist Livestock's website, they have been operating since 1942 but have been located on the Strip in Mandan, ND since 1956. Kist Livestock has a catwalk that one can go look at all the cows or animals they are selling.

Kist Livestock has a great restaurant that many people love and they have great food also. One of most people's favorite sale is the horse sale that they have a couple times a year. I've been to the horse sale and there are hardly any open seats. Kist Livestock will hopefully rebuild the burnt structure and be around for many more years to come. For more information click here.

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