Kane Brown's self-titled debut album set records when it launched at the top of the charts in 2016. The album generated two No. 1 hits for Brown, including his duet with Lauren Alaina, "What Ifs." Brown has proved his strength as a name in country music that won't be fading any time in the near future.

His newest single, "Lose It," is the first taste of music off his upcoming and highly anticipated sophomore album, which is due out later this fall. We've rounded up all the details about Brown's new album. Check back for updates as more information is released!

The Title

According to a Sept. 4 Instagram post from Brown, his sophomore album is titled Experiment.

The Release Date

Experiment is set to release on Nov. 9.

The Record Label

Brown signed with Sony Music Nashville's RCA Nashville in January of 2016.

The Album Cover

Brown's Experiment album cover, which readers can see above, features a side profile photo of the singer, looking to the sky and wearing a red leather jacket. Brown's name and the album's title are written in a futuristic-style font.

The Producers

The legendary Dan Huff is at the helm of Brown's upcoming album. Huff and Matt McVaney produced Brown's first album.

The Single

Brown released "Lose It" as the first single off his new album. The song is heavy on the banjo and fiddle, one of Brown's trademarks, while still delivering a poppy, urban vibe. Brown has been playing the crowd-pleasing tune live for some time now, and the single release on June 7 was met with great enthusiasm by fans and new followers alike.

Brown's play on words in the lyrics are one of his songwriting signatures. "That little ringing buzzing good for nothing phone in your hands / The directions to the party that's just started with that cover band / That old school radio station, let's just driving until it's faded / Girl, let's lose it, tonight." the first verse launches, coaching a romantic prospect to offload distractions. The lyrical theme switches in the chorus, as Brown admits that he's the one losing it, when she's all in.

"I don't think you know what you're doing to me /You got my heart skip-skipping a beat tonight / Close enough so that space between / You and me, let's lose it / The way you're dancing, swaying to the music / Girl, that body and how you move it / Every time you cross my mind / Girl, I lose it."

Written by Brown along with Chase McGill and Will Wheatherly, "Lose It" might be a good glimpse of what's to come on the album. Brown says he intentionally weaves back and forth between styles: "I put them [together] to kind of make my own lane," he explains.

"[The song's] got a little fiddle, which we didn't have on the debut album at all, or any of my music I've ever released," Brown points out. "We've got a different-sounding guitar. Every time I go into a country music club, I see people two-stepping to all these different kinds of music, and this song is a little different from [classic country], but I'm hoping it's something people can two-step to."

The Songs

Brown says Experiment is "a better album" than his self-titled debut album, which was released in 2016; he calls that project an "autobiography," whereas this next record will be "more fun."

"We're trying to get my show a little more energy," Brown says, "so we're just trying to do a bunch of different things."

Brown adds that the final product will be different from anything he has released to date: "It's kind of clashing old-school [country] and new-school [country] and doing something different with it," he explains. "So we'll see."

Kane Brown, Experiment Track Listing:

1. "Baby Come Back to Me" (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Matthew McGinn/Will Weatherly)
2. "Good as You" (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Shy Carter/Taylor Phillips/Will Weatherly)
3. "Lose It" (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
4. "It Ain't You It's Me" (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Josh Hoge/Taylor Phillips)
5. "Short Skirt Weather" (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
6. "Homesick" (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Matthew McGinn/Taylor Phillips)
7. "Weekend" (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
8. "Work" (Kane Brown/Sam Ellis/Josh Hoge)
9. "One Night Only" (Kane Brown/Corey Crowder/Josh Hoge/Matthew McGinn)
10. "My Where I Come From" (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Matthew McGinn/Will Weatherly)
11. "American Bad Dream" (Kane Brown/Sam Ellis/Josh Hoge/Chase McGill)
12. "Live Forever" (Sam Ellis/Jon Green/Laura Veltz)

The Tour

Brown will hit the road in early 2019 for his first ever arena headlining tour. The Live Forever Tour is scheduled to begin on Jan. 10 and will feature Granger Smith, RaeLynn, Danielle Bradbery and Jimmie Allen.

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