Dustin Lynch says there's "not a whole lot of church" on his upcoming new album, Current Mood, and he's unapologetic about that fact. As its title indicates, the 13-track collection captures where the artist is at in his life right now; it's sultry, playful and more hookup-driven than happily-ever-after.

As such, Lynch says he was apprehensive about how the album would be received at first, but it passed the ultimate test: It earned his parents' approval.

"I was a little scared of these songs because I didn't know how many people could relate to them, but I played them for my parents and a friend who is married, and they kind of lit up whenever certain lines would come around that I thought would be offensive to Mom and Dad," Lynch says. "They were like, 'That's hot.'"

Below, The Boot rounds up all of the details known so far about Lynch's Current Mood album.

The Title

Current Mood, Lynch's new record's title, is exactly what the singer is expressing. While his peers and friends are getting married and starting families, Lynch has been chasing his professional dream and experiencing life along the West Coast, and all of that's helped inspire the record's new songs.

The Release Date

Current Mood will be released on Sept. 8.

The Record Label

The album will be released on Broken Bow Records. It's the label on which Lynch has found a home since 2011.

The Album Cover

The album cover of Current Mood features an image of an introspective Lynch, sitting on an ocean-side breakwall. Overlayed above are a series of expressive photos of the artist, capturing his changing, current moods.

The Producers

Lynch worked with a powerhouse of in-demand producers for Current Mood, including Ross Copperman, Zach Crowell, Mickey Jack Cones, Brent Anderson and Will Weatherly.

The Single

"Seein' Red" was the first single released from Current Mood, all the way back in late 2016. The song sets the sexy, electric vibe that the album promises to deliver. Taking a step back from banjos and traditional country twang, the single is pop-driven and racy, a good indicator of what's to come from Lynch on the record.

"There’s gonna be some hot songs on this album … but there will always be a thread in my music that’s ‘90s country, there’s no getting away from it," Lynch says in a press release. "That’s what I grew up with and love."

In February, Lynch released Current Mood's second single, "Small Town Boy." Written by Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and Kyle Fishman, and produced by Zach Crowell, the song “is about being in love with someone for who they are and what makes them unique," Lynch explains.

The Songs

Lynch mixed it up a bit, stylistically, on Current Mood, veering off his traditional, twangy path and into a beat-driven, poppy sound. That's especially noticeable, Rolling Stone reports, on "Here We Come," which draws inspiration from the band Imagine Dragons and Lynch's "favorite band ever," Incubus.

Lynch doesn't stray from his traditional roots entirely, however: "Small Town Boy" and "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" -- a collaboration with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild -- go back to the theme, if not the exact sound, of his Tennessee-bred background.

"Every single song on here, I lived through or felt over the course of those three years," Lynch says. "The vision was be honest, be real and make sure all of these songs were something I really feel inside every time I sing them."

Lynch revealed Current Mood's complete track listing on Aug. 22 -- but fans had actually known it for much longer, if they were paying attention. Beginning in early August, Lynch was sharing photos on social media of himself wearing T-shirts with different phrases on them; those phrases turned out to be song titles and lyrics from Current Mood. Tricky, tricky!

Dustin Lynch, Current Mood Track Listing:

1. “I’d Be Jealous Too” (‪Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
2. “Seein’ Red” (Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, Jason Sever)
3. “Small Town Boy” (Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Kyle Fishman)
4. “Why We Call Each Other” (‪Dustin Lynch, Lee Miller, Ross Copperman)
5. “Here We Come” (‪Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell, Jon Nite)
6. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” (Dustin Christensen, Chris Gelbuda)
7. “Back on It” (Brent Anderson, Will Weatherly, Smith Ahnquist)
8. “I Wish You Were Beer” (Jon Nite, Josh Osborne, Justin Ebach)
9. “State Lines” (‪Dustin Lynch, Kyle Fishman, Andy Albert)
10. “Party Song” (Brett Tyler, ‪Craig Wiseman, Morgan Wallen)
11. “New Girl” (‪Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley)
12. “Why Not Tonight” (‪Dustin Lynch, ‪Jimmy Robbins, Jon Nite)
13. “Sun Don’t Go Down on That” (‪Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)

The Tour

Lynch will launch his Ride or Die Tour this fall. The trek will run from early November through mid-December; it is scheduled to begin on Nov. 3 in Fayetteville, N.C., and conclude in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Dec. 17. Michael RayRyan Hurd and Lanco will be joining Lynch at select dates.

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