We're not here to judge. Sometimes, life sends you a curve ball and you must do what you must to survive. For some, when life gets difficult, you must resort to whatever you need to do to make ends meet. And for some, it could mean panhandling.


I ran across this person at the intersection of State Street and I94 exit. I have to admit, his sign made me smile, even laugh.

We've all seen the signs-

  • car broke down, family needs money to repair
  • hungry and broke
  • thanks and God bless
  • no work, no food, need anything to help

This gentleman went beyond creativity and humor with his sign

too ugly to prostitute, too proud to steal, anything helps

Pretty creative and funny for a person in his situation!

It is by far the best panhandling sign I've seen in a very long time, if not the BEST!



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