Who doesn't LOVE The Simpsons!  Most people are fans of Bart, but I always related to Homer for some reason...on many levels if you ask my "Marge".  However, if you are one of those criminal type people, Homer is probably not your best role model and channeling your inner Homer is probably not the best way to elude the police.  Hence, we have today's edition of DON'T BE THAT GUY: 

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Fugitive Arrested After Taunting Cops With Homer Simpson Meme: The Flagler County, Florida Sheriff's Department recently arrested a fugitive, who had been taunting them for months with a Homer Simpson meme. Sheriffs posted an online video about Steven Young before he responded with a Homer Simpson meme and the caption, “WALDO, WHERE ARE YOU?!" Young was wanted for forgery and firearm offenses so he fled to his mother's home in Washington DC where Florida deputies and some U.S. Marshals busted him.

The police posted, “We didn’t find Waldo, but we did find Steven Young and soon he can be found at the Green Roof Inn. Let this be a lesson to other fugitives that we will never give up looking for you so turn yourself in. You are only delaying the inevitable.”

DOH!!!!!!!!!  Please, Don't Be That Guy!

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