North Dakota is the only state by law that has parking meters banned. JoNell Bakke's grandfather is the reason parking meters are banned. Howard Henry's meter scourge was eliminated in the 1940's. JoNell Bakke said, "My granddad was a wheat farmer who hated having to pay when he drove to town to shop, He wouldn’t pay a penny to park and neither will I! My grandfather was bigger than life. I’m so proud of him. Talking to you is a way to keep his memory alive." There's been a couple times that legislature has wanted to overturn the law and add parking meters but so far they have been unsuccessful.

Many people over the years have been upset that there's only 90 minute parking and if you're there longer, you will recieve a ticket. Here's a list of the parking ramps in downtown Bismarck Parkade Parking Ramp, Sixth & Thayer Ramp, Third & Main, and the Galleria Parking Ramp. Do you think there's enough room to park in the parking ramps or around downtown Bismarck? Do you think downtown Bismarck could use another parking ramp? Let us know what you think.

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