Ever think that Fargo, ND is the capital city and not Bismarck? It sure seems that way sometimes due to them getting way more restaurants that Bismarck either never gets or it takes many more years for us to get them. Typically, the capital city is the largest one in the state and they usually get more restaurants and businesse then the rest of the state but that is different here. If you look Fargo, ND has more hospitals, stores, and restaurants.

Minot, ND even has restaurant chains that Bismarck, ND still doesn't have and no one knows if we will ever get these. It would be nice if Bismarck-Mandan, ND would get more restaurants and stores like Fargo has. Bismarck has been expanding over the last 15 years and maybe we will get some of these new businesses. Some of these businesses that other cities have is Aldi, Sonic, Popeye's, and many more.

Do you ever think that Bismarck sometimes gets the short end of the stick because usually we rarely get a restaurant or business first. Maybe this will change in the next ten years but in all my years living here, we usually get places after another city in the state gets it first. What place would you like to see Bismarck get that another city in the state has? Many people say that we need workers not new places do you agree with that? What should we do as a state or city to get more people to move here?

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