This has to be one of the most terrible cases of animal cruelty in Bismarck Mandan ever.

A gruesome, horrific, and disgusting video has surfaced showing at least three young adults beheading a young kitten with a grain shovel.

I'm not going to show you the video at this time, as to be honest it's just too disturbing.  However, here's a screenshot from the video showing you this heinous act.  I can assure you, that the kitten was alive and well before this unimaginable moment.  To watch the animal quiver and shake while the kids laugh in the background is just chilling.

Steve Bakken
Steve Bakken

Where did this video come from? 

It was copied from one of the person's social media accounts.  Why would anybody ever post something like this?  Reportedly at least 3 young adults are involved in the beheading of this little kitten.  The event happened several weeks ago.  Allegedly, this is also not the only time they've killed an innocent pet this way.  More on that in a moment.

Who could ever commit such a heinous act?  Reports say these people are between the ages of 18-20.  After a quick search of their social media pages, at least one of them goes to a local high school.

What else have these people allegedly done?

According to a thumb drive we obtained from an animal shelter, they have also torched a bird, beheaded puppies, and may have drowned a backpack of kittens.

Despite the video proof, reports say law enforcement officials are not planning to take any action in this case.

This is according to sources who have reached out to the Sheriff's Department and also the Attorney General's Office.  This is beyond understanding since we do have animal cruelty laws in the state of North Dakota.

Allegedly, all of these incidents happened in Burleigh County.

My hope for showing you this gruesome photo is that authorities will reconsider charges and prosecute these individuals to the highest and full extent of the law.

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