The North Dakota Deer Gun Opener is tomorrow at 12 noon.  A sea of Orange is expected in North Dakota.  Temperatures are expected to be well above normal, especially on Friday, where 60's will be common.  50's on Saturday and back in the 60's on Sunday with a chance of Thunderstorms???  So, not exactly typical deer hunting weather.  I think most deer hunters would prefer a little snow on the ground for tracking, but our warm November will continue at least through the end of the weekend.

There's a story I shared with you about a friendly deer named Johnny, that befriended some duck hunters from Kentucky last month near Sterling, North Dakota.  You can read that HERE!  Johnny was raised by a farm family near the city of Sterling when her mother and sibling were hit by a car.  They eventually released Johnny back into the wild, and she's become very tame.  As you can see by my previous article, Johnny will come right up to a hunter or people in general to show affection.  Here's a photo of Johnny I got from a friend of mind, who adopted his child.

TSM Bismarck
TSM Bismarck

Johnny "the doe" has been known to greet the kids getting off the bus in Sterling.  She's been known to wander into Emmons county where locals have a different name for her, "Ruth".  This deer deserves a pardon this deer hunting season.  PLEASE, if you are hunting for a doe, do NOT shoot Johnny.  Stay away, from the Sterling area, and especially south of the city.  They're plenty of does to be had.  This kind and loving animal is a very unique situation, and she is more like a pet.  Give her a free pass and good luck this weekend!



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