I noticed my truck thermometer read 102 in south Bismarck Friday afternoon and I told myself, I'll remember this day when I'm in the dead of winter in January.

Summer will make its presence known as daytime temperatures will surpass 100 for most of the region. Because of the heat, the National Weather Service in Bismarck has issued a RED FLAG WARNING through Sunday.

Low humidity, very hot temperatures and strong winds Sunday will make any open flame very dangerous. Conditions are favorable for fire danger in the area. Caution should be used with all open flames.

With the hot temperatures, you should check on the elderly and infants, make sure they have a cool place or loan them a fan. Plus, it's important they stay hydrated.

Make sure you take plenty of breaks in cool shade of you are working outdoors. Check on livestock and pets. They too need cool water and shade.

Here are some cooling tips to use during the heat wave in the Bismarck area and the region.

  • Run cool water on your wrists for a few minutes and you'll feel cooler.
  • Pour a little ice cold water into your hat or cap, then place on your head. It'll cool down your head area quickly..
  • When riding in a car, sit on the shaded side.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color.
  • I used this trick while I play tennis: if you're wearing a cap or hat, remove it and pour ice cold water into the hat and then turn it inside out and place on your hot head.
  • Finally, use common sense, look for the signs of heat stroke and take the necessary  precautions to prevent it, or act quickly if you or you see someone having difficulty in the heat.

The temperatures expected for Bismarck Saturday are 101 and 102 Sunday with the continued haze in the area from the wildfires in California and Canada. The windy conditions Sunday could blow some of this haze out of the area.

Stay with the radio stations of Townsquare Media for continuous updates for the heat wave in Bismarck and North Dakota.


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