As I'm sure you can hear on the radio this week, I've been fighting the flu and bronchitis.  Fortunately, as some have suggested, it's NOT the Coronavirus!  However, the Coronavirus is having a global effect...everything from travel to the markets are being affected.  Here's the latest.

China's Wuhan Coronavirus Spreads To Japan During The Lunar New Year
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Coronavirus Update: Business Insider claims some villages in China are erecting their own makeshift brick walls in order to stop outsiders from entering and giving them the coronavirus. Signs have also been posted that read: ''NO OUTSIDERS ALLOWED IN''. Some villages are putting up guard houses

Business Insider claims the coronavirus could disrupt Apple's production plans for their new less expensive iPhone. The new model is going to be manufactured in China where the coronavirus is running rampant.

Raw Story says U.S. scientists are developing a coronavirus vaccine. It could be months before the vaccine is tested and ready

Yahoo News claims Starbucks has closed half of its cafes in China due to the coronavirus

The Mercury News claims a Beijing, China drug store was fined $435,000 yesterday for jacking up the price of coronavirus face masks. The store was charging six times more than the online price

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