According to KFYR-TV Coinbase, which is a Cryptocurrency exchange, hit the market today and is valued at $100 billion. Many people know of the most common cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin, but there are many other cryptos out there. Many people are divided on the issue of this currency. Some people are all in and others think it's nothing but a big scam. I think that it's a real thing and have investments in the crypto markets.

I know plenty of people that say that it's not real money and that they are just scamming people out of money. I think it's all in people's state of mind, you're either all in or you aren't. Many people that are in cryptocurrency say that it's like gold and silver, you have to ride it out and there's going to be dips.

In all markets, the stock market included, there's dips and you have to be willing to stay in it as long as you can and ride the dips out. It will always usually bounce back, it just doesn't always happen right away. I think in any investment you have to be patient and hope that you can ride it out. I get that sometimes it gets nerve racking, but be patient. Nothing is going to happen overnight.  If you look at bitcoin it took many years to get this high and many people say this is just the beginning of as high as it will get. It will be interesting to see if it hits a $100,000. Does Bis-Man have or believe in cryptocurrencies?


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