Clay Page is a country singer from Elberton, Ga., who's well on his way to stardom after convincing a few American Idol judges on Sunday night (March 10). His version of Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man" was so twangy, Luke Bryan was sold from the get-go.

"You might be our best representation thus far," Bryan remarked after the performance, adding that Page is not the best singer, but "I'm sold."

All three judges were mesmerized as he sang, with Lionel Richie telling Page, "You've got me on the story, I'm listening to the story. There's not a lot of hollering and screaming it's just you're telling me a story."

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Perry says that Clay Page is a "A gentle ginger" and "real country." But it's likely Bryan's words that will have the most impact on the budding country star.

"Clay, man, you have a very very infectious knack. It's a perfectly not trying to hard delivery that's so gentle to listen to," Bryan said. "You may be our best representation thus far. You're not the best country singer in the best world, but you don't have to be you're making us hang onto every word. I'm sold completely and fired up for you."

Page left with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

American Idol airs Sundays and Wednesdays on ABC. They're currently in the auditions phase.

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