Charles Wesley Godwin's new song "Hardwood Floors" is a song about living in -- and soaking in -- the moment. Ahead of the singer-songwriter's new album, The Boot's readers can get an exclusive first listen to the track; press play below to hear it.

"Hardwood Floors," Godwin tells The Boot, was specifically inspired by a date night with his wife -- "Take my hand, honey / Let's just dance / And pretend there ain't nobody else in town / And tonight, there ain't nobody else around," he sings over a frenetic fiddle and urgent melody -- but its sentiment is universal. Godwin says he intentionally wrote the song so that listeners "could claim it for themselves and apply it to their own situations."

"[The song is about] having an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for getting to be home in that moment and make a memory," Godwin adds. "It's about how those good memories are like little charms that we keep with us for the rest of our lives, collecting on a metaphorical chain. Each little piece adds up, all together, to a be a full life in the end."

Sonically, Godwin admits, singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham's work influenced "Hardwood Floors" -- but it took some time to get the song to its recorded state. Godwin was performing the song, which he wrote a while ago, "in a totally different way" until a few months before recording it for his forthcoming new album. "If someone out there heard this tune in late 2016 or early 2017, they'd hardly recognize it now," he says.

"Hardwood Floors" will appear on Godwin's Seneca album, set for release in February. The Morgantown, W.V., native's debut album "will give people a really good look into what it’s like culturally in Appalachia," the artist shares. A 2014 graduate of West Virginia University, Godwin only picked up the guitar in college, after not making the football team.

Seneca is due out on Feb. 15. Visit to learn more.

Listen to Charles Wesley Godwin, "Hardwood Floors":

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