Carrie Underwood comes from a family of teachers, so it isn't too much of a surprise that the singer was moved by, and decided to personally respond to, a viral video from a teacher and her students that was directed her way.

The Minnesota-based class asked for help with donating to a school affected by the recent California wildfires, with the students stating: "We are so glad you are listening to us. We are doing a fundraiser for the Butte County schools in Paradise, California. This school was recently affected by the recent wildfires and we are trying to help. We have been fundraising along with our whole school. Can you help donate to Butte County schools? We have a goal of raising $5,000 to the people who have lost so much. We are reaching out to you because we're your biggest fans."

The students thanked Underwood for listening to the video, showing their appreciation. But the video didn't end there. They then spoke about how Underwood's song "Love Wins" was an inspiration for them.

"It's our favorite song that you wrote," they explained. "We think this song relates to what we're trying to do for the people in California."

The students then began singing "Love Wins," with an image of Underwood in the background.

Fans were quick to watch the video and express their admiration for the class, and even get teary-eyed over the children singing such an uplifting song.

In her reply, Underwood wrote, "My mom was a teacher and my 2 sisters are also teachers. It's so great to see a teacher and her students making a difference in the world! Of course I'm happy to help! #LoveWins"

In November of 2018, the Camp Fire destroyed most of the city of Paradise and was one of several major fires that swept across both northern and southern California. "Love Wins" is Underwood's current single, and the second song released from her new album, Cry Pretty. Underwood co-wrote the song with Brett James and David Garcia.

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