The Bismarck Bucks won in dramatic fashion at the Bismarck Event Center on Saturday night.

It was an absolutely wild finish.

We can fast forward to the final 1:25 of the game. At this point, the Bucks had taken a 52-51 lead. Bismarck then decided to take a risk and do an onside kick. Recovering the football would potentially seal a victory for the Bucks but if they didn't recover, the Sioux City Bandits would have great field position.

"When I made the decision to go for the onside kick, I made the decision to win with the ball in our hands," head coach Rich Davis said after the game. "I knew minus something squirly that we could manage the clock and at least have a shot and we did."

The Bandits recovered the onside kick and ultimately ended the drive with a FG. This put the Bandits up 54-52 with just 38 seconds left to play.

The Bucks scored quickly on a long touchdown pass to Mike Ashley from Jonathan Bane. Following a two point conversion, the Bucks went up 60-54 with just 23 seconds left.

However, the Bandits scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive to go up 61-60 with just 7 seconds on the clock.

On the kickoff, the Bucks cut the ball off near midfield and with five seconds left, Evan Connolly who had missed an extra point earlier in the game had the opportunity to redeem himself.

"I thought my chance was gone… I was on the sideline and I was like I want this I want this," Connolly said after the game.

The crowd fell almost completely silent just seconds before the ball was snapped and Connolly drilled the Field Goal from near midfield as time expired to give the Bucks the eventual 63-61 victory.

The Bandits had beat the Bucks the two previous times they faced each other.

"They’re a really really good football team and a really well coached football team but I told everybody we were gonna beat em, "coach Davis said. "And we did it awfully shorthanded. Three of our most important football players were not here tonight. And our guys have found a way to win…You know next man up… you know I’m proud of em. Proud of our guys."

Wide Receivers Elby Pope and Lance Lewis did not play. Defensive Lineman Brenden Daley also did not play.

The Bucks now have three straight road games before returning to Bismarck on June 3 for their final game of the regular season.

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