Brett Young co-wrote his recent single "Here Tonight" with Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley, and the two singers have teamed up for a new acoustic rendition of the track as part of Young's new "Acoustic Sessions" project. Press play above to watch.

Throughout the romantic song, Kelley and Young beautifully exchange verses -- but the true magic happens when the two men duet. "'Cause I don't wanna go if you don't wanna go / We can just stay here in this minute / Lose all track of time / Let the world spin on without us for a while ...," they sing.

"Here Tonight" was the first single from Young's sophomore album, Ticket to L.A, released in late 2018. In addition to Kelley, Justin Ebach and Ben Caver co-wrote the song with Young.

"I didn't even have to ask Charles," Young recalls. "He walked right up and was like, 'Y'all out here writing this weekend?' And they said, 'Yeah.' And he goes, 'I wanna write, too.'

"I mean, he just didn't waste any time," he continues with a laugh. "But we're all just such big fans that we were fired up."

Young will release more Acoustic Sessions performances throughout the year.

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