Brantley Gilbert and Lindsay Ell have shared the music video for their new collaboration "What Happens in a Small Town." Like the song itself, the new clip shares the story of a couple who break up, but still can't quite get away from each other.

The music video opens up with Gilbert walking down the middle of a street in a small town. Soon after, a young couple -- who bear a resemblance to Gilbert and Ell -- is introduced. The younger versions of the singers are shown at football games, driving around and creating memories throughout their cozy hometown.

As the video progresses, it seems as though every street corner, stoplight, pizza joint and football field has some special memory of love attached to it. After the pair splits up, it is these same places that bring a certain level of pain to Gilbert and Ell, who are constantly confronted with what once was. Press play above to watch the whole video.

"This song builds and burns," Gilbert says in a press release about the song. "It really has that want for someone you can't have, and having to live in all these places that they are."

The singers continues about choosing to work with Ell, "I wanted to have someone on the record who could match those feelings, to really push the song. It's not just any female singer who makes sense, and we knew that. But Lindsay is a whole other kind of artist, and she understands that power."

"What Happens in a Small Town" is available for purchase now.

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