In Bismarck Mandan are we taking this "social distancing" seriously?  This is a question I've seen pop up on local social media pages like Bismarck's People Reporting News and others.  After all, Burleigh & Morton counties lead the state in coronavirus cases.  Pictures of dozens of children playing together on neighborhood streets.  Pictures of backyard parent parties and even big bonfires get together's that look more like a college fraternity "rush" party.

Well, in a world where just about everything is traceable, it does not come as a surprise that Americans; cell phones are now a great way to track who is self-isolating and social distancing.  A company by the named of Unacast collects and analyzes phone GPS location data and just came out with a "Social Distancing Scoreboard".

Unacast compared current location data to data collected on a typical pre-pandemic day and noted changes in distance traveled, time spent around the house and activity clusters.

So it may come as no surprise that North Dakota received an "F" grade according to the report along with South Dakota, Idaho, Montana & Wyoming.

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