According to The Bismarck Larks facebook page, they are having a parade tomorrow April 23, 2020 around Centennial Elementary School starting at 11:30 A.M. for the route click here. The parade will include Metro Area Ambulance Service, The Bismarck Police Department, Burleigh County Sheriff's Department, and it's powered by Bismarck Motor Company. The parade will have three routes you can click here to see them.

It's great that we're able to do this as a community. Multiple schools have had parades over the past month or so and this is great that we are able to do parades to get our minds off of these crazy times. These times are out of the ordinary but it's great that schools and different organizations have put on these parades. No one signed up for these times but we will all get through it together. Hopefully the Larks will be able to start on schedule this summer. According to the Bismarck Larks website they are scheduled to start on May 26, 2020. Click here for the Bismarck Larks full schedule.


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