According to the Bismarck Larks facebook page, they are planning another parade around the city of Bismarck. This is great that they are doing this during the whole covid-19 pandemic. Bismarck Motor Company and the Larks friends from Medora North Dakota will be joining them on the parade route. The route will take place in the south part of Bismarck and this is the final parade according to the Bismarck Larks facebook page. For more information you can click here.

All of these places are doing these parades to get out and say hello to everyone during the coronavirus pandemic. The Bismarck Larks have done a parade before and so have many schools in town. This is great that they are doing this to help people take their minds off of what's going on and show everyone we are in this together. It's only a matter of time and businesses will start opening up and we will get back to normal. But, until then this is the new normal.

The Bismarck Larks parade will consist of Bismarck Motor Company, Medora, The Bismarck Police Department, and Metro Ambulance. This is a great community that we live in that no matter what's going on we always find a way to adjust and make things work. That's what community is all about, coming together to make the best out of not so good situations.

The parade is scheduled for this Friday May 22, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. in south Bismarck. Will you be watching the parade as it goes by?



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