According to the Bismarck Bucks Facebook page, the (IFL) Indoor Football League and the IFL board of directors have made the decision to cancel the rest of the season. This is due to Covid-19 and the many unknowns that go along with it. According to a facebook live video on the Bismarck Bucks page, they did a lot of things to keep the players in place and keep them going and exercising as much as they could. They cancelled the season due to the health of their players, staff, coaches, and fans.

Coach Rod said, "he felt good things were going to happen this year." But, Coach Rod said, "they are going to be back stronger for 2021." Coach Rod said, "they are going to take this time to put things together to make our product even stronger." He said "they are going to use this to get better for next season and it just gives us more time to get things together to where we need to be." The Bucks are going to look into having two kids camps for next year, and the IFL extended the season from 14 games to 16 games. They will be having eight home games next year.


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