Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken has officially announced that he will be running for the position of Mayor of Bismarck again.  After having an in-depth conversation with his wife Wendy, Mayor Bakken believes he has more work to do for the residents and city of Bismarck.

I sat down with the Mayor earlier today and he told me that it's official, he's in for the June 14th election.

So, what is the Mayor most proud of since being elected almost four years ago?  Mayor  Steve Bakken said, "Unprecedented growth and business expansion, due to fostering a culture pro-business and pro-development."  He also added that the budgetary shortfalls of the city have been fixed."  He's also proud of the fact that the city is able to operate on property valuations moving forward.  He believes that Bismarck is a vibrant growing community and a destination for business, tourism, and population growth.  Bakken is also proud that the city of Bismarck was able to continue to offer services during the pandemic.  Now, that the community has shifted out of that phase, it's time to move forward and take Bismarck to even greater heights.

Mayor Bakken will be running against local business owner Mike Schmitz.

Mayor Bakken's main focus going forward will be economic development and making Bismarck financially solvent for the future.  He wants to grow businesses and housing opportunities and develop Bismarck's waterfront.  His vision is to afford the city of Bismarck the opportunity to alleviate property taxes with his waterfront plans, which include a public marina, hotels along the river, commercial and retail space, trail systems, and parks.

If you would like to reach out to Mayor Bakken, you can do so via his social media platforms or email him at


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