Americans love their beer.  You can see how much by the number of microbrews which have popped up around Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln.  We're just following the National trend,  but there are a few countries that I can think of that hands down have an insane relationship with their suds.  The Germans and the church have a long history of brewing.  The British have a fictional claim on modern beer making with an ODE TO CHARLIE MOPPS, an Irish drinking song.  The Egyptians are arguably credited with first developing beer, but the credit for modern brewing goes to the discoveries of Louis Pasteur.  Then there are the Australians.  They have a legendary relationship with Beer.  They LOVE BEER!  We all know what Australia is dealing with with the raging wild fires, but everything gets put on hold when Aussies are about to run out of beer.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Campaigns In Perth As Election Campaign Enters Final Week
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Aussie Navy Delivers Beer During Bushfires: The Australian Navy recently delivered beer to a rural pub that was running dry because of the Australian bushfires. The Navy took a break from battling the fires to drop off 20 Kegs and four pallets of beer. The town and pub were in need because the supply roads were being compromised by flames.

Personally, I'm giving the belt to the Aussies when it comes to who truly loves their beer the most!

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