Bismarck Burleigh Health has initiated a new program called "Homebody Hero".  The campaign is designed to give individuals and families ideas on how to stay healthy, active and occupied during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does your family have "Cabin Fever" in April?  Depression, anxiety, lack of energy are all problems we face as we continue to "social distance".  Bismarck Burleigh Health is asking everyone who can, to be a ‘Homebody Hero.  The ideas they share on their facebook page daily will hopefully give you ideas for activities to make your families lives a little bit easier.  Staying home helps save lives.  I know I've been fighting "the blues" of late myself.  It's proven that physical activity not only helps the body, but helps the brain as well.

Look for these physical and mental ideas on Bismarck Burleigh Health's facebook page daily and give your family a boost today.  To participate in the ‘Homebody Hero’ campaign, follow Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health on facebook.

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