Now that we're all set with toilet paper until the next century, it's time to move on to something else.  Hair products are in short supply all across Bismarck Mandan stores that remain open.  Coloring products in particular are tough to find.

You've seen the meme's on facebook.  "Now we're going to find out who the real blondes are?!"  lol

Here's another one that appeared in an article in Hello.


Yep, the roots are getting dark or grey and according to an article in CNN Business, a spokesman from Walmart says we're into the panic buying of hair products.  Sales of hair clippers have increased by 166% from this time last year.  Coloring products or hair dyes have increased 23% from this time last year.

Okay, so the average person should be able to color their own hair by themselves but I asked a former cosmologist (who asked not to be identified) what should people be careful of?

#1  if you must color your own hair look for a professional product.  Box colors tend to be metallic and the color doesn't usually turn out as intended.  They can also be damaging and nearly impossible to correct if you mess up.

#2  don't bleach your own hair.  That can burn your skin and make your hair fall out if you don't know what you're doing. YIKES!

As far as cutting your hair.  Good luck finding that black market individual that will actually cut your hair.  It's not recommended during this COVID-19 pandemic.

DISCLAIMER:  My cosmologist recommends letting your natural beauty shine through and not to color your hair.  Wait to visit your stylist when this is all over.


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