We currently have over 50 inches of snowfall on the ground in Bismarck Mandan.  More is on the way to kick off the new year.

Another Colorado low is heading our way beginning Monday, and this system could linger into Tuesday as well.

Colorado lows are capable of putting up big snowfall totals.  Both of our two big storms back in November and December that dropped 20-plus inches of snow were from Colorado lows.

It's still way too early to be predicting snowfall totals, but the long-range weather models I have looked at are saying we could see a significant snow event in North Dakota.  6 inches or more seems possible.

Any amount of snow at this point seems scary considering we are still digging out from the last 20-inch snow event.  If you look at the snow piles around town it makes you wonder how much more we can handle.

Intersections are becoming very dangerous as snow piles are impairing vision making accidents more likely.  Also, snow is up to the ditches on most area roads.  This is causing problems for motorists as more people are hitting ditches because it's often difficult to tell where the road is.

I know yesterday on both Burleigh in south Bismarck, and 52nd street south of Lincoln, I saw a small truck and a larger delivery vehicle drive off the road accidentally.  All it takes is one wheel to veer into the ditch and because of the deep snow, you might find yourself needing a tow truck.

rick rider
rick rider


I even witnessed a snow plow get stuck on 52nd a couple of weeks back after the big storm. They had a hell of a time getting that vehicle out of the ditch.

Enjoy the warm weather in the meantime because we have a lot of winter left in Bismarck Mandan.

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